Travelstore was funded with the aim to reinvent the market of Corporate Travel, presenting a customized service that adapts to the needs of the various intervenients in the process of corporate business trips.


Travelstore is the result of our partnership with the sector’s world leader. A competitive edge that ensures the highest purchasing power and the capacity to serve clients worldwide.


Services are provided by a team of Business Travel Experts, Digital Experience Managers, Client Solutions Managers and Admin Experts. All of them available on a 24/7 basis.


Travelstore’s business model is based upon the innovative concept T4H, Technology for Humanization – an end to end technology platform, supporting maximum humanization and customization of services. This platform allows for total synchronization among service channels for client (on and offline) and the interface platforms to client (desktop and mobile), as well as total integration along with inventories of the world’s actors in flight and hotel distribution, and other services. In this way we can guarantee access to the best tariffs the market can offer.